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Colours of a Wednesday

Limited Edition-

mini collection.


We were in the sea,

but not completely.

Up to the waste. Summer was passing by

with the illusion

that we have all the time ahead of us.

Neither the water will dry up, nor it will get dark.

The sea will await for us to decide to get in.

I think it was July.

Could've been August too.

I was mad at him cause he ate a pigeon.

In Egypt, he said, we eat them.

Then there was a whistle, signaling.

And he turned towards that.

He answered with his own whistleΑπάντησε με το δικό του σφύριγμα

and then he smiled from there till across the island of Tzia.

Who is it I ask.

My mom, he replies.


This little collection

is deticated

to my friend Mike and his mother Teresa.


40x60cm print on Top Deco paper 400gr

it's print is numbered

number of prints: 10

The products reach you by Geniki Taxidromiki in 1-7 working days for shipments within Athens and in 3-10 outside. For shipments to Cyprus and foreign countries please contact us.


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